SeersIRC Network Rules

Network Rules

SeersIRC must enforce the following rules to maintain some kind of order and prevent things getting out of hand, while ensuring everyone can have the best experience possible. This document does however not define the only punishble offences and the only punishments that will be given out, staff are free to take action on any group or user they feel are disturbing the network for any reason if required.

Rules Index

1. No Flooding
2. No Open Proxies
3. No Warez
4. No Services Abuse
5. No Identity Theft
6. No Adult Content
7. No Server/Channel Ban Evasion
8. No Advertising
9. No Malicious Scripts
10. Respect All Users and Staff

Rules are subject to change without notice, staff can enforce them at their own discretion

1. No Flooding

This may include:

  • CTCP flooding (ping, time, finger requests)
  • DCC flooding
  • ICMP flooding (also known as ping flooding)
  • Message flooding includes the following:
    • privmsg floods
    • notice floods
    • invite floods
    • nick floods
    • join/part floods

2. No Open Proxies

Due to the massive amount of abuse on services created for anonymous internet usage we have had to disallow them. These may include:

  • Open Socks/HTTP Proxies
  • Open Wingates
  • Any other software running on your machine or from your IP allow anyone to connect through to our Network.

Note: All clients are scanned upon connect for Open Socks/HTTP/Wingate Proxies. For a list of IPs the scans are coming from see our MOTD.

You can find more information about Open Proxies and our RBL here

3. No Warez

SeersIRC does not support the sharing, transferring or downloading of illegal files.

4. No Services Abuse

Any attempt or carry out abusive action on the network or users using the Services, or an attempt to retrieve users passwords, hold nicknames/channels you don't plan on using or take over channels will be acted upon. Some examples of this are:

  • Ghosting another user or attempting too
  • Changing another user/channel password you don't own
  • Using a nickname you don't own

Note: This rule isn't in place to protect users from their own carelessness. Being complacent is not a reason for someone else to be banned.

5. No Identity Theft

This usually goes hand in hand with 4. No Services Abuse. This can range from taking someone registered nickname, ownership of a channel or impersonating someone using an exact or similar nickname.

Don't mis-represent yourself, be who you are not who you may/may not want to be.

6. No Adult Content

This network is host to a majority of minors and as such we feel it appropriate to force all adult content to be kept off. The exception is as follows:

  • The channel may not be advertised
  • The channel must have chmode +s set at all times
  • The channel may not have an offensive name
  • The channel must have an 18+ warning in the topic
  • The channels content must not effect external users

Any explicitly offensive material staff deem inappropriate will be requested to be removed

7. No Server/Channel Ban Evasion

Do not attempt to intentionally evade any ban, whether server or channel. vHosts are provided as a privelege to all network users and are often abuse for evading server bans whether it be by removing them, reverting to the ircds cloaked hostmask or reconencting and rejoining before your vHost is activated.

Excuses will not be accepted for ban evasion, especially where vHosts are concerned. Channel ban evasion is just cause for a network ban

Note: This rule includes vHost evasion. An initial or accidental evasion using a vHost may result in your vHost priveleges being removed, repeat offences will result in worse.

8. No Advertising

Advertising is the accidental or intentional promotion of a resource. This is a general annoyance to all SeersIRC users. Advertising examples include:

  • Channels
  • Websites
  • Forums
  • Applications
  • Networks

There is a strong chance most advertising attempts will break 1. No Flooding as well.

Note: This rule does not mean you may not post links or mention other resources, just don't spam/force it upon people. It will be up to staff to determine what does and doesn't break this rule.

9. No Malicious Scripts

Scripts and/or bots with malicious intent are not allowed. Such scripts may include:

  • Channel takeover scripts
  • Nickname takeover scripts
  • Flooding scripts (includes timers)
  • Excessive Greet/Join scripts

10. Respect All Users and Staff

Everyone deserves respect on some level. SeersIRC has been created with the intention of providing a safe and friendly environment for people to chat either alone or in groups, generally there is no need for the blatent abuse people hand out to others. How you break this is can only be judged by network staff.

Just learn to play nice...

Note: any channel owner/operator is free to ban any user or network staff member whenever they wish.

In closing...

SeersIRC has these rules to keep the network clean, friendly and tidy. If you disagree with any of the above rules or wish to complain about the way you have been dealt please email and your query will be promptly dealt with. Happy chatting!

SeersIRC Network Rules were last updated on the 11th Jan 07.