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So what is SeersIRC?

Our Goals
What we offer
Brief History

Our Goals

For too long many of us went hopping from network to network, looking for a stable, secure, reliable and easy going place to chat without having to worry about the politics and other trouble the networks we chose brought us. Our resolve was to create SeersIRC with those same values and do our best to uphold them for everyone and anyone that chooses to call it home. Our specific goals include:

  • Provide a stable, friendly and enjoyable chatting environment.
  • Go out of our way to provide the most secure and safe network possible.
  • Ensure everyone has the help and assistance they require for ease of use.
  • Diversify our community by branching out to varied interest groups.
  • Take into consideration all comments, suggestions and complaints toward SeersIRC seriously.
  • We endeavour to provide all of the above and more while having minimal negative impact on the overall experience.

    Top If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints feel free to contact one of the NA's on our staff page.

    What we offer

    In accordance with our above goals we have made some very large steps toward providing the services we beleive users should have. Currently we offer the following services:

    • Nickname and Channel registration facilities... We provide access to multiple registration services built on Anope with various customisations and modules with the intention of providing extra security and ease of use. All databases are one way encrypted and secure offline backups stored weekly.
    • Prompt and accurate IRC assistance... On top of a responsive team in #help providing around the clock answers for any network/IRC related questions that may arise, our Network Staff teams is also on hand to respond to anything that may require that slightly higher level of interaction.
    • Responsive Network Staff... Network Staff kindly volunteer and take up training to assist in higher level duties. While many staff members choose to idle and be actively involved in channels on a chatting level they will never interfere with your channel unless requested or extreme circumstances leave them no option (users breaking network rules).
    • Unique bot and spam protection... Something we have focused on for some time is providing up to date and accurate responses to solving the IRC spam problem all networks face. We are always developing and modifying the way we deal with these threats to minimise the overall impact it could potentially have on the networks users.

    Below is a list of services that are either in development or on our to-do list to enhance the network even further

    • IRC and mIRC Classes... Network staff, helpers and volunteers have been working on putting together groups of 'classes' or workshops aimed at educating everyone from the most basic to the most advanced user. Our goal is to raise the bar on SeersIRC by ensuring anyone that would like too, has access to the training they need. There will be something to learn for everyone.
    • SeersIRC Knowledge Base... Built much like a 'closed' wiki the Knowledge Base will provide detailed explanations, examples and tutorials on a wide range of tasks from registering nicknames and channels, setting up channels and helping you learn to secure them.
    • Top We are constantly evolving and as such this page changes regularly, keep an eye out for new features!

      Brief History

      From the perspective of SeersIRC's co-founder, Niphyr.

      Long long ago, in a land far far away... Two good friends (Niphyr and SpaldoX) decided they'd enjoy a place online to call home when they weren't gaming, and found themselves their own spot in the forest (Now known as Channel and IRC respectively). Their nicknames were registered, channel stup and ready to go. Soon from far and wide their friends and sometimes foes came flocking to this strange new place and were welcomed with open arms. It was a new thing for many but everyone persisted and enjoyed their strange new home.

      With responsibility came un-resolvable headaches... After a while their growth attracted the attention of those who owned the land they were offered positions to assist in the upkeep and protection, but soon found themselves in a position neither ever wanted to be. It didn't take long for this new responsibility to become a major burden as tasks that were required to be done were not allowed to be. There was bickering, squabbling and tantrums flying all over the place. This wasn't what these two friends wanted for themselves or the others that had been calling their spot in the forest home.

      The painful journey to no-where... The group moved many times, from forest to forest and endured many dramas and many levels of responsibility but never managed to find a place that meet their rather strict standards. They wanted a safe, secure and easy to use home without any of the drama that came from many land owners trying to dictate the forest at once. They'd had enough and decided it high time they found their own patch of land and so they did, and began to plant the seeds for their new forest.

      A new beginning... (January '06) With the help of some of their closest and most trusted friends they began working hard preparing the land and making sure all neccesary precautions were taken creating the safest, most secure and friendliest forest they had ever seen. Since then they havn't looked back, with their dedicated friends behind them and the promise of what could be ahead of them they have strived to provide all they wished they could have to anyone who wanted it, all for free.

      Teething problems... The first month would prove the toughest, as those who they had previously shared land with decided to do their worst in attacking this newly planted forest with a constant onslaught for almost 3 weeks, day and night. The dedicated team fought on and persisted through this until at last they broke the morale of the attackers whom were never seen again. The seeds were growing, the fences were being built - everything was coming along nicely.

      ... 1 year later (January '07) ...

      Let the celebrations begin... Everything was still flowing along smooth. Sure there had been hiccups a long the way with various patches of land that were being tried and tested being destroyed by the powers that be. Villages and travellers were coming from all over to settle the new forest and call it their home. The 1 year celebrations were festive and loud, letting everyone know they were here and weren't going away. The were many new additions and there were some casualties but there was still a persistant glow to the place.

      ... 9 months later (September '07) ...

      SpaldoX captured... Tragically just after one of the busiest times ever, one of the original two was was captured and was held against his will. Due to this the reigns were then split 3 ways, with two more of the most loyal helpers rising to the challenge

      ... 3 months later (January '08) ...

      Still going strong... After 2 years of hard work and dedication the current team has many new and exciting additions in store to ensure the growth and stability of the environment they put so much effort into. The second of the original two who was captured previously had managed to escape and returned to assist on a part-time basis, many of the plans that had been actioned the last 6 months were finally falling into effect and the future from here is looking nothing but bright!

      ... 1 year later (January '09) ...

      Evolution... Celebrating the lands 3rd birthday there was much rejoice. A new, almost dreamy source had come to aid those protecting the now established land from those wishing to cause harm to it and its kind. Behind the scenes something of epic proportions had evolved and nestled it's way into the culture of those assisting with the running of now vast landscape and this and many other aspects of change meant that the focus was now on a new, exciting and involved future... one which will be written by all, large and small.

      Top Niphyr, Spaldox (Co-Founders of SeersIRC) and all the Network Staff would like to thank everyone involved in the long Journey we have all taken, and to all who have contributed.